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My Hospital Romance [2-5/?]

Title: My Hospital Romance [2-5/?]
Author: my_life_myway33
Pairing: Frank/Mikey
Rating: NC-17 eventually
POV: Frank or Mikey
Summary: Frank is the new, fresh faced, straight out of school, doctor at John Spohn hospital and is trying his hardest to learn the ropes. Mikey is the seasoned head nurse that decides to take the poor man under his wing and show him the ropes. Becoming best of friends, things start to heat up.
Disclaimer: Fake, totally made out of the depths of my disgusting mind. I don't own, don't know.
Warnings: This story will involve sex, vividly written sex.
Author Notes: This story was previously posted on Mibba and is actually being reposted there also. I’m editing over it, adding more detail and things. So even if you’ve read it on Mibba, it might interest you to read it again. I have about fifty or so pre-written chapters, so the updates should be fairly regular, hopefully.

I recently decided I'm actually going to go ahead and post this in 5 chaptered segments until I'm caught up here.

Chapter 1
Chapters 2-5
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