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Pairing: Gerard/Frank
Rating: PG-13
POV: Third person
Summary: The band is mad at Frank. Everyone except Gerard.
Disclaimer: Not real.
Author Notes I came up with this at three in the morning. If you could comment on it that would be great.
Warnings: Drug use

The day was coming to an end. Thankfully. Frank wasn’t sure how much more of this shitty day that he could deal with. Ray, Bob, and Mikey hated him. Thankfully he still had Gerard.
“Yes Frank?”
“You won’t ever hate me, will you?”
“Not unless you do something that I can’t stand. Like do drugs. Again.”
“Gerard, I’m never going to do drugs again. I promise.”
Little did Gerard know, Frank would break that promise.

Mikey had busted him smoking pot again. He told Bob and Ray, who proceeded to hate Frank. But Mikey hadn’t been able to tell Gerard.
“Yes Gerard?”
“Why do the others hate you?”
“I don’t know Gerard. But all I know is that they do. Maybe their jealous. “
“Of what?”
“Of the fact that my best is awesome, and really cute.”
“You think I’m cute?”
“Of course I do. I would be insane not to think that!”
“Well thanks Frank. That’s really sweet.”
“No problem.” Frank leaned over and kissed Gerard gently on the lips.
“I think that you are cute too.”
“Oh, thanks Gerard.” Gerard pulled him into a longer, and much more passionate kiss. When they broke apart, Gerard looked over Frank’s shoulder, and saw the one thing that he never wanted to see again.
A bag of weed.
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