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Disclaimer: I don't own Mcr. Just Frost and lesser persons.
His hair was falling in his face as he walked.He shoved it out of his eyes with the back of his hand. He kept his eyes down. He didn't want anyone to see look at him. He hated that. When he got in sight of his locker someone grabbed his arm, spinning him around. "Mickey." Frank said." What's up man? Why didn't you stop when I called for you?"
  "I guess I just have a lot on my mind today, Frankie." he mumbled.
Frank gave a small nod.
 He didn't believe that. Not for a second. He knew Mikey had a lot on his mind lately. Especially with Gerard in the hospital. Mikey and him had been friends forever. And Gerard had always been the messed up older brother to Mikey. Everyone knew his half witted shcemes failed more often than not. No one was suprised when he tried to start a band and failed, nor when he started drinking more and more.
 They continued to Mikey's locker while Frank and Mikey where lost in their own thoughts, In fact, Mikey was so lost he walked past his locker and didn't notice until Frank said something.
  As he trudged to first hour, his mind wandered about his insane weekend. On Friday night they had gotten the call. Gerard's boyfriend had found him in a pool of his own blood on the bathroom floor. He had cut his wrist. He was now in the hospital under suicide watch. But, on a lighter note, a new cute guy had moved in next door.
  He sat down in his first class. At the back as usual. He was hoping the teacher would forget the home work she had assigned on Friday. But of course, Mikey had no such luck. "Pass your 2000 word essays to the front." her scratchy voice broke into his thoughts. He sent nothing forward and noticed he was the only one who didn't.
Mrs. Mallman noticed also. "So, Mr. Way. Why have you decide not to do the assignment?"
  He looked at her over his glasses for a moment. "I had family problems over the weekend and couldn't do it."
  Her eyebrows shot up. She had heard several students say this when there was nothing actually going on. They just didn't want to do the assignment. "And may I ask what that is?" her voice cutting.
  "My brother cut his wrist and we spent the last two days trying to make sure he's going to live." Mrs. Mallman looked horrified, Mikey continued, " He cut clear up to his elbows, completely through both veins. They thought he wouldn't make it because he lost so much blood."
  Her jaw hung  open for a solid minute. She reminded herself never to ask that in class again. She closed her mouth and began slowly. "You can get me that essay when you have a chance. Okay?" Her voice gentle and almost kind.
  "Thank you, Mrs. Mallman." He glanced at the door.And there stood the Greek god himself. His new next door neighbor, "I think we have a visitor." he let his eyes go back to his desk.
 As the new guy and Mrs. Mallman chatted,(in reality she was just telling to basicly get used to hell because thats what her English 4 class was), Mikey looked around the room to see if there where any desk close to his open. And you guess it, the only open desk was NOT within 10 feet of him. Man. Do I ever get a fucking break? I can't even see him from here. Damn it. Wait a minute. What the hell? I don't even know if he's gay?
Mikey thought.
  Mrs. Mallman called the class to attention. "This is Frost Wolfe. He just moved here from Washington. I hope you will all make him welcome.You may sit there." She pointed at an empty seat at the front of the room. He took his seat after scanning the room. His long black hair swung down his back as he sat down. He seemed to be paying attention. Mikey watched him the entire lesson.
   At the end of the hour, he turned and looked directly at Mikey. There eyes met for one moment. Frost eyes seemed to burn into him. And then he was gone.
   Mikey didn't spot Frost again until after school. Frank, Ray, and Mikey always walked together. Frost was walking too. "Thats the new guy, right?" Ray asked.
   "Yes," Mikey said quietly."I'm going to ask if he want to walk with us."
   "HEY! Frost." He said it loud so Frost would stop and see who it was. It worked. Frost froze. And then turned to see who it was. A smile played at his lips when his eyes saw Mikey.
   "Wanna walk with us?" Frank asked.
    Frost merely gave a half shrug.
   "How was your first day?" Mikey asked when they had been walking awhile in silence.
    " Fine, I guess. Its still school even if its not like Chestnut." his eyebrows shot up.
   Ray snickered. "What the fuck kind of name is that for a school?"
  "Oh, you think thats weird. That wasn't just the name of the school that was the name of the town too. And it was a whole bunch of little buildings not one big one like this. So its kind of weird here to me. That and the fact that the sun is shining so much. Its like always cloudy there."
   Mikey just smiled. How could he not? He had just found out so much. "So your really into the goth thing huh?" he asked looking down at Frost clothes. Frost looked down at himself for a moment before resonding.
   "Not really. I just like wearing black clothes ....`and tight pants." He added it as if it was an after thought.
 Mikey merely smiled
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