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This Is Our Only Way Out...

Title: This is our only way out...
Author: </a></b></a>syd718
Pairing: Gerard/Bert. Might change later.
Rating: PG - 13 for now.
POV: Different POV's. Not marked, but you can tell who's who.
Summary: Gerard goes to Timber Oaks Mental Institution to help with his homosexuality, but what happens when he meets the boy of his dreams, or nightmares?
Disclaimer: Not real at all ok? Don't sue, I'm poor.
Warnings: Drugs, etc. Can't really think of anything to warn you people about.

I Swear I'm Going To Kill Him   Ch.5

That's The Problem, Were Not   Ch.4

Just A Nightmare   Ch.3

It's Against God   Ch.2

What's It Like Kissing A Boy?   Ch.1
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